What You Should Plant Together – Part 1

Part of creating a landscaped garden is knowing how to design a garden so that it most pleasing to the eye and what types of plant, shrubs and flower you should plant together. It is not as easy as it sounds, as you can plant by color, season, height, type of bloom, and shape. But there are some proven combinations, and in this blog, we will look at what goes well with what.

Start Early

It is never too early to add color to any garden and the addition of early spring blooms will bring welcome color and excitement to your garden. Little Gems are ideal for youthful blooms and their bright yellow color lifts the winter gloom from any outdoor space. If you plant your Little Gems in Autumn together with Chionodoxa then you will be guaranteed a color fest in early spring.


Don’t be Afraid of Being Bold

To make your garden stand out from the rest, don’t be afraid of being bold and different. Take a risk with your color combinations and pairings. Do research on plants, and try growing something that you never have heard of such as Fritillaria. This early flowering plant comes in all sorts of sizes and colors and is great planted alongside daffodils and tulips especially with contrasting colors.

Flowers with Herbs?

The idea of planting flowers and herbs together is not as mad as it first seems, the idea of color together with fragrant herbs can bring a really special combination together. Straight growing, verdant green chives are an excellent partner to something like lavender or peony. Not only do you get the splendid fragrance of the herb but also its unique shape and color, this is definitely an affirmative in creating something quite unique and fresh.

Use Different Types of Rose

There are so many varieties of roses that you can fill a whole garden with the beautifully multi colored and fragrant flowers. Roses can come as shrubs and specially designed landscaped varieties and are great together with perennials or annuals.

Fly Your Flag

Whatever your country’s flag is there is bound to be a flower combination that will represent your nation. Nothing is more patriotic or symbolic than a display of a tricolor or your nation’s particular color in your front garden.

Go Tropical

As long as you live in a moderately warm climate you can successfully grow tropical plants, their color and type of foliage liven up any domestic or landscaped garden and bring a bling factor to your open space. Try experimenting with varieties such as elephant’s ear, cuphea, alocasia, coleus and African mask. These exotic and strange plants will make a corner of your garden a tropical paradise and are bound to get neighbors talking, you can even make a feature of them in the center of a lawn for instance.

Going tropical concludes the first part of our blog to discover which types of flowers and plants can be planted alongside each other. In part two we look at shady spots, great combos and mixing shapes together.