Things You Should Do to Your Garden in Fall – Part 1

Summer has been and gone and fall is now all around, and it is the time of the year that you need to prepare your garden and yard for the bitter winter months that are on the way. In this blog we will look at the things you need to do to make sure your garden looks its very best at Thanksgiving and the Holiday period.

Cut Your Lawn

Most plants and flowers stop growing in wintertime and the grass on your lawn is one of them. But you should continue to mow your grass until it actually stops growing, even if it may be bitterly cold to do so.

And when you think it has finally stoped growing give it one last trim for good measure. This not only makes it look neat and tidy there are practical reasons also. If there is a snowfall and your grass is too long the grass will pack down and there is a risk of snow mold. As a general guideline your grass should always be about three inches high, this ensures there is enough surface area to catch the sun’s rays.

Test the Soil

This next tip may sound a little technical but it is very important, before you place your lawn into hibernation you should test the soil for its nutrients and the PH balance. There is no point just getting general fertilizer and throwing it all over the place, you need to treat your soil accoring to its PH levels, to ensure it has the correct nutrients to enable growth next season. If you have not got the equipment yourself you can send samples to professionals at garden centers for not a great deal of money, and then you know for definate how to treat it with the relevant fertilizers and nutrients. Looking after your soil is often overlooked but it pays such an important role in your landscape.


Once you have been through the testing proceedure and your lawn has been correctly treated, it is now time to replenish the areas that are trodden on the most or take the full force of the sun. The way to do this is to aerate the lawn with a fork then re-seed the parts that need attention. The average guidelines are roughly three pounds of grass seed to every thousand square feet of your lawn. Use the best quality seed that you can afford. After all your lawn is one of the largest and most noticeable parts of your landscape and you want it looking first class.

Fluff-up the Mulch

Sounding very much like a 70’s progressive rock band, Fluff-up the Mulch is an important horticultural practice that you should perform on your garden. Fluffing is a way to treat your garden flowebeds much like giving it a trim of a haircut.

If you do this then you probably will not need to add fresh mulch to the garden. Basically when you fluff you are collecting all the surplous organic material that has fallen or that you have cut. Keep the pile of mulch collected to no more than around three inches as any more than this may attract plant disease and water might have a difficult job penetrating it. In part two of this blog we give even more tips how to prepare your garden for winter.