Small Garden Ideas – Part 2

The second part of our blog of how to make your small outdoor space look larger and more interesting, offers even more tips and tricks of the trade on how you can develop small gardens into something quite magical and exciting.

Use Unique Vertical Features

One thing a small space has in abundance is height, but you must be extremely careful how you use it. Planting one gigantic oak tree in a backyard would look ridiculous so bear in mind scale. One trick is called espaliering, and this is the practice of training shrubs, trees and vines against a wall so that they can be pruned into different designs. The finished result is absolutely stunning and elegant that will provide a unique focal point to your garden.

Utilize Outside Elements

If there are views from your garden or your neighbors have particular points of interest, you can harness them to incorporate their points into your overall vista. Using an external vista makes your space look bigger, and the views of far off hills or trees will give your space an extra dimension.

Create One Unique Focal Point

Create One Unique Focal Point

Creating one focal point seems contradictory to what we have said before, but they way to achieve this is to add a secondary and complementary smaller focal spot. So for instance if you create some form of focal point such as a fire pit, surround it with a particular kind of furniture, then elsewhere in the garden use just one piece of the same furniture for a secluded spot. This will give the impression that your garden or yard is far bigger than it actually is as the furniture seems to be expansive and seem more than it actually is.

Use Plants in Abundance

Tropical looking plants with big leaves create a wild but luscious feel to any space, especially if that space is petite. Their large oddly shaped, verdant green leaves can change the complete scale of a small space. They also will give your space a unique feature that none of your neighbors will have.

Keep Away from the Horizontal

Just as overweight people stay away from hooped shirts and blouses, your small garden should not feature any horizontal lines. In a small yard or garden horizontal space is hard to find, so you should always look to max out on the vertical. This does not mean towering trees as that would be overwhelming. However, there are dwarf varieties of some very fashionable trees and shrubs that are ideal for a smaller garden. Explore varieties of columnar evergreens as they will stay of interest all year round.

Dwarf landscaping

The vertical aspect of these trees and shrubs means that your outdoor space can feature many different types of them so your garden looks much bigger than it actually is. Also, the eye is drawn to follow the lines upwards so your gaze does not focus on the horizontal. We complete our series on how to make your small garden look bigger in part three, where we look at even more tips to create illusions and tricks that will transform your backyard into a landscaped garden.