Small Garden Ideas – Part 1

Just because you have a small garden or outdoor space does not mean that you cannot use landscaping techniques to brighten up your garden so you can enjoy it more. There are numerous ways you can achieve brilliant results in a small space, as long as you have imagination and the will to succeed, your backyard can be just as striking as rolling lawns. In this blog we give you tips and ideas how to make your small outdoor space something to be proud of and spend time enjoying.

Create Zones

If you are working with a small space it is a really good idea to break the area up into smaller zones that complement each other. This sounds contradictory but it really works, the areas could just be a single lounge chair and matching table, or a small rockery, even a highlighted area of one type of flower. Perhaps spread different outdoor furniture groupings in different areas so that they look like individual relaxation places.

Make it Cozy

One thing a small space has got in plenty is coziness, so embrace this and add to it. By expanding on the intimacy of your small space it will actually help your petite garden. Create small nooks and crannies that are ideal for relaxing and reading, try to design small zones each different from each other. The zones can be cleverly created by the use of brightly colored fencing or pretty hanging plants, this will help to screen one zone from another.

Use Color

Color is one of a gardener’s biggest friends, in a small space put plenty of color in the foreground where it catches the eye immediately. This is a trick to deceive the eye, as the color grabs the attention first and the remaining small space seems to recede so that it looks larger.

Use Long Straight Lines

Perspective can be a powerful tool in making a small space look bigger than it actually is, to gain such a perspective you need to create an illusion. To do this you can subtly slant the far ends of whatever form of lines you are using to get closer, and form a focal point. The lines could be rows of plants or hanging baskets, and the focal point could be a swing or a pergola. The illusion is thus created and will make your garden look longer and bigger.

Mix Things Up

Working with a small canvas can be really fun, and one of the best ways of making it look bigger than it actually is by mixing things up. You can do this with various species of plants, or different types of garden furniture. Perhaps mix the ground materials up from lawn, gravel, decking or shale. Add pots and different kinds of containers for plants, anything that commands interest and takes the eye off the whole space. We continue this blog on small garden ideas in part two, where we explore even more ways of making your diminutive open space feel bigger and more interesting. Some of these tricks of the trade are cheap and easy to achieve so you can be proud of your garden and want to spend time there.