How to Start Landscape Gardening – Part 1

If you have looked at a beautiful landscaped garden and considered attempting to recreate something similar then dismissed the idea because it seemed impossible, there are some tips how to start on the road of becoming a landscape gardener. Tackling an outdoor space should be taken on in a similar fashion that you would for an interior one. The same principles of designing an interior room should be used in your landscape gardening. This blog lays down some tips how to begin to tackle landscape gardening and point you on the way to become a great gardener.

Be in Control

There is no way you can possibly attempt to landscape your outdoor space without a template and plan. Make a list of what you want to achieve and then how to achieve them. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do you want to grow vegetables?
  • Do you want a kid’s play area?
  • Is a patio necessary?
  • Do you want a water feature?

When you have your wants lists drawn up, then sketch out the dimensions of your outdoor space and place where you want to locate your things. This sketch is not meant to be a master plan that is never to be altered, it is meant to be a rough guide that you can make additions or alterations to. You can take this sketch around with you when you visit garden centers or horticultural shows that may give you fresh ideas.

Know How the Weather Affects Your Garden

Know how the sun and the wind affect your garden, and let this study help to guide you where you place certain items of your sketch. For instance, placing a patio on the west of your property you will have to consider that it will receive a great deal of afternoon sun in the summer, is that what you want? And if certain parts of the garden may receive more wind than others, these places are not good for certain plants and of course seating areas. Your design must take in all aspects of the climate and how the elements will affect your landscaped garden.

Begin Small

A great number of people are under the misapprehension that a landscaped garden should be a monstrosity of a thing. The advice is to start small and take your time, make additions to your garden as and when it is correct to do so. Let your garden develop and bloom for a while before trying to cram it full of flora, trees. Do not forget that plants grow naturally, and start to fill out. If you try and hurry the garden and take shortcuts then you will not achieve what you set out to do.

Live and love your landscape garden as it naturally blooms and evolves and then make further additions to it later. Remember that certain flowers are best planted at certain times of year, learn when this is and develop your garden accordingly. This concludes our first part of how to start to become a landscape gardener, in part two we will be dispensing even more tips for the novice gardener on how to transform their outdoor space into a marvelous landscaped garden.