How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Not everybody can afford lavish houses with large gardens. And for people living in crowded urban areas often their outdoor space is really restricted. But do not despair if your yard or garden is on the petite size. There are many tricks of the trade that can give the illusion that your outdoor space is far bigger than it actually is. Without costing a fortune here are some great ideas to develop a small space of land so that it looks like a landscaped garden.

1. Use Big Pots with Large Plants

For city dwellers it is common to have a small yard without a lawn. But do not despair you can still give the illusion of a healthy green outdoor space by planting large plants in ceramic or terracotta pots. Dot the pots almost haphazardly around your yard and try to stick to the same type of pot as this will give uniformity and a feeling of space.

2. Make Things Have a Dual Purpose

Everybody loves to relax and sit out in their own private outdoor space. But if you are limited regarding size then everything must have at least a dual purpose. For instance, if you build a small raised area at the back of your yard them make the wall high enough to act as a seating area. Use modular garden furniture so you can store indoors when not in use.

3. Make Use of Height

You land size may be restricted horizontally but always think vertically. By adding height to your diminutive garden, you give the impression of size. Many things can be used to do this such as trellises on walls and fences. Perhaps make use of an arch that climbing plants can take to and grow upwards. Try to grow tall perennials the guide the eye upwards.

4. Use Different Levels 

Always try to divide your plot into different levels, and one of the best ways of making a garden looking bigger and longer is by raising the bottom end of it. A raised rockery or something similar immediately draws the eye to it when you enter the garden. It gives the impression that the garden or yard is far bigger than it actually is.

5. Use Blue Plants at the Extremities

 5. Use Blue Plants at the Extremities
Use Blue Plants at the Extremities

Always look to plant blue plants and flowers at the extremities of your plot. They have the ability to seem like they are fading into the distance and is an optical illusion that does really work. Especially if you are able to fade the blue colors from Royal Blue to Light Blue as the plants recede.

6. Match the Surrounding Materials

Use the materials that surround your garden to augment the feeling of uniformity. For instance, if your house is built out of red brick then have a brick rockery or terrace. It will make your outdoor space blend in with the walls and house and in turn bring them also into your small outdoor space. These are just some of the great ideas you can use to make your small garden look bigger than it really is. The trick is to use your imagination and try to think three, four, or five dimensional!