Great Landscaping Ideas – Part 2

The second part of our blog to dispense great landscaping ideas for your home and garden starts with a great landscaping trick of the trade which is adding height. In grand gardens this is often done by the planting of trees on the horizon to give the land a sense of perspective.

However, in a domestic garden or yard this is impracticable, so you have to find other ways of finding height. The smaller your outdoor space the more likely you will have to think vertical as sometimes there is no other direction you can go.

How to Add Height

No matter the size of your garden you do not want to be one-dimensional in your design. As you would naturally pick different colored plants for your garden you also want to consider different heights. Adding eye-catching layers to your outside space is easy, think of hanging baskets and elevated planters.

Perhaps even build a layered step rockery against a wall, it will give an extra dimension to your garden and an impression that your garden is far bigger than it actually is. Planters that are elevated together with hanging baskets bring color vertically to your yard or garden from high to low. There is also an additional bonus of designing a garden like this, it also provides excellent drainage and your plants will flourish.

Designing your baskets takes some thought, the basket should contain a spiller, something that hangs down such as Begonias. And a filler, these are the plants that will add a burst of color to the basket. Finally you should add a thriller, which will be the center piece of the basket that will immediately catch the eye.

Grow Blooming Shrubs

Your new landscape garden should have variety, just rows and rows of bedding plants are simply boring no matter what they are. Color needs to stand out from something plain, if there is no contrast you lose the impact of the color. One clever way of doing this rather than just planting a hedge, is to use blooming shrubs. This will provide enough greenery for contrast and will also add a splash of color of its own. Blooming shrubs are probably the easiest way to transform your garden and will make a major impact in a small space like a yard.

A great shrub for this is Chinese Snowball, it has blooms similar to a hydrangea and it can add a wow factor to your outdoor space. Chinese Snowball is a highly showy shrub, with great splashes of virgin white blooms that can be as much as eight inches across.

Be careful where you plant them and leave enough space for them to grow into. This plant gets big and can dominate your garden, sometimes it can grow to as much as twenty foot in height and the same in width. It only needs a little sunlight, but it prefers good drainage for it to really blossom well.

Think about pruning the plant after it finishes flowering. These great landscaping ideas will bring your outdoor space to life and embellish your home so that the beauty attracts attention. There is no need for a big budget just think about the design and what you want to achieve.