Fantastic Landscaped Gardens Around the World – Part 1

There are some amazing landscaped gardens that are all situated over the world, some are a far cry from the traditional English landscaped gardens of the 17th Century, and some of these gardens are more traditional. In this blog we traverse the globe to see some marvelous designs and concepts of the greatest gardens that exist today.

Nong Nooch – Thailand

Nong Nooch is just outside Pattaya in Thailand and is one of the great tropical gardens in Asia. The area surrounding these large gardens is stunning, with green mountains and giant golden Buddha carved on a rock face. In Nong Nooch you are in a fairy tale tropical paradise, complete with traditional Thai buildings, banquet halls, swimming pools and villas. Nong Nooch covers an area of around 600 acres and was originally planned as a fruit plantation but the owner changed his mind after a trip abroad. It is a conservation place for many different and rare plants and combines family fun with horticulture. There are many shows and displays for the whole family including elephant rides.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Scotland

This garden takes its inspiration from math and science, in fact it is only open for viewing one day a year to the public. There is no other place quite like the Garden of Cosmic Speculation anywhere else on the planet, it is unique. Located close to Dumfries in Scotland, the garden is designed to provoke the mind into thinking about the nature of the universe.

Versailles – France

Possibly the most recognized and famous garden in the world today is Versailles. Built for Louis XIV it was designed and constructed by one of the originators of landscaped gardens Andre Le Notre. The construction of these immaculate and conceptional gardens took breathtaking effort to transform the land into what at the time was the showpiece of France. The famous Orangerie, canal and fountains were constructed using new techniques never used before. At the time there was no automated machinery to aid construction so everything was done by the labor of man, including shifting thousands of tons of earth and moving enormous numbers of trees from all over France.

Butchart Gardens – Canada

The Butchart Gardens are one of the most well-known gardens in the world, and are considered by horticulturists as the pinnacle of a landscaped garden. Located in British Columbia it integrates wild Canada with clever landscape design techniques over 50 acres of breathtaking beauty. The garden changes dramatically through the seasons and there is never a dull time to visit as there is always something spectacular to see. From thunderous waterfalls to manicured lawns and tropical plants, Butchart has it all and deserves its elevated place in the landscaped gardens upper echelons. Butchart displays some of the most spectacular color combinations and varieties of flora known to man, and it is little wonder that it is one of the major tourist attractions in Canada.

We conclude part one of the most fantastic landscaped gardens in the world on Vancouver Island, in part two we travel to China, Pakistan and Japan to visit even more fabulous landscaped gardens.