What is your relationship with the landscape?

Stimulating, enjoyable, instructive and rejuvenating 'Landscape perception' workshops.

Here you will come and meet nature and yourselves in many different creative ways.

These workshops in the beautiful setting and warm climate near the French Pyrenees, offer you the opportunity to expand your awareness and experiences of landscape.

Here you will explore differing landscapes and their meaning for you through walking, direct observation, experimental exercises, drawing or painting, study and conversation.

We will approach the landscape from various perspectives to widen your personal experiences, with the help of methods such as Goethean Observation and Landscape Phenomenology. These methods will help us to get away from abstract thoughts or opinions and to become aware of actual phenomena, our own thought and feeling processes and how we form judgements and how can we find our own way in contributing to a positive development within the landscape

We would like to stress that the course is suitable for everyone (professionals, academic and non-academic) and we will cover themes like;

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The 7-day workshop for 7-12 people will take place in the department of Ariège and Aude. Each day will have it’s own theme; e.g. plant observation, natural and cultural landscapes, our sense organs and what they reveal, environmental aesthetics. etc.

The workshops will be structured so that most of day-time we will be out and in the evening we will have a short study with conversation. The priority will be to exercise your observations e.g. through drawing, but this can be supplemented through other mediums such as paint or word. We will share these experiences with each other at the end of each day.

There will also be time for just relaxing and enjoying each others company in these beautiful surroundings.

Accommodation will be in a holiday house/centre or camping.


Making a drawing of a plant or landscape is an excellent way to see and relate to it. It encourages you to observe well, to discover the big line, to zoom into details: what forms do you see, what kind of atmosphere do you experience? It is impossible to put everything you see on paper so you have to make choices. What elements of the landscape are important to you, what are the characteristics?

Experience with drawing is not required.

What will you gain by this workshop?


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